We (Robert and Mickey) have been fascinated with the question “what’s the difference, that makes difference” that sets apart the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders from the rest. In order to answer this question, we studied and interviewed hundreds of next generation entrepreneurs and conscious leaders who had built sustainable ventures that were both purpose driven and profitable, examining the different levels of factors that led to their success.

What emerged from our research was that, beneath every example of outward success, there was a clear set of qualities of mindset that produced those results. These qualities of mindset relate to the big picture clarity, habits of success and ongoing priorities of successful people. We discovered that different groupings of these qualities of mindset were more effective for reaching particular business results. This led us the creation of what we call the Success MindsetMap™ – an inventory which can be taken by any entrepreneur or leader who wants to find out how their mindset compares to some of the most successful business leaders in the world.

We have founded MINDSET INTERNATIONAL to be able to share our findings and support people to develop a Success Mindset. Not only will the Success MindsetMap™ show you your strengths and areas for improvement but will also give suggestions, tools and professional coaching to help you close the gap. Our mission is to offer you access to our discoveries and help you to take your enterprise to the next level. We are also here to connect you to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches.

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