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Our effort is spearheaded by Robert B. Dilts entrepreneur and coach – author of 27 books on innovation, leadership and success – and Mickey A. Feher internationally renowned entrepreneur, psychologist and coach.

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We have talked to hundreds of successful next generation entrepreneurs and leaders. We researched and modeled what they did and how they succeeded.

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We want to offer you access to our findings and help you to connect to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches.


Through this app, you will explore the distinguishing factors of some of the finest entrepreneurs in the world like Steve Jobs of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, Jeff Bezos of and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. We will help you to discover how you can bring some of the same success into your life.

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I got such clarity and energy and even inspiration. I finished the book I’d been working on for two years in just 30 days.

Dr. John Gray
author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

As a leading CEO in the nutritional supplements field, I'm always looking for strategies to further improve my effectiveness. The strategies and tools for state management and accessing resources have been very effective for my television work on QVC, and also for managing my energy during long filming and business days.

Naomi Whittel
CEO Reserveage, Ernst & Young Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

I’m an entrepreneur and technologist and also an active angel investor. I’m a visionary and the Mastermind gave me some new framework to think about sort of vision, identity, mission, alignment, roles, all the way down. I’m delighted in the program and I highly recommend it to anyone else.

Barney Pell
CEO Powerset, Associate Founder and Trustee of Singularity University

The most valuable is ….to have a lot of breakthroughs that I would not otherwise do, to be able to create the things that I want to do but because I don’t have the right support so I delay it, so now I get to do all that.

Sam Chan
CEO of Applied Computer Online Services

One of the things that came out that for me is the creation of a new business that I’m now in the process of launching. I have gotten throve of new tools that I can bring to the work that I do with the leaders that I work with.

Susan Mayginnes
CEO of Commit to Greatness Consulting, a leadership, training, and development firm

I recommend this to friends, family, anybody that wants to take it to the next level in their life, in their professional and personal lives.

Greg Burzynski
physician and vice president at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas

And that one little shift in a mindset, in a belief pattern, in a habitual way of assuming and/or seeing the world can change your results in your life and in your business dramatically.

Deborah Battersby
with Success Matrix, known as the “entrepreneur success coach.”

I realized that if I believe, I can achieve. It’s something that I would happily recommend to others. And if you want to try and move your internal game into the next level, this would be a good place to check out.

Dr. Mache Seibel
editor of My Menopause Magazine, multimedia platform that helps women transition into and through menopause

I’m quite impressed. I highly recommend this to everybody. I feel that we’re not only becoming better and more successful business people but we are becoming better and more successful human beings affecting everything else in the world.

Irina Melnik
physician specializing in Interventional Spine Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine

People can’t achieve what they want to because they feel helpless: “I’m not capable of doing it.” Or hopeless: “What’s the use.” Or, “I’m not worthy.” And that was my thing: “I’m not worthy. I really don’t deserve this.” I really feel like I’ve shifted this weekend and I really don’t think that’s an issue with many more, which one you think of it is quite remarkable. I’m quite happy about the outcome of this weekend.

Tom Klaber
Principal of Bridge Medicine & Health

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