Meta Mindset


Please read the following statements and evaluate yourself on a subjective scale of 1–10 (where 10 is the highest level and 1 is the lowest).

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1 10
Richard Branson Spark Ulysses

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1/6. I know what I really love to do (I know what I am passionate about).
1 10
2/6. I know what I want to help create in the longer term future (I am clear about my destination; and my longer term vision).
1 10
3/6. I am clear about my direction, regardless of whether or not I know the ultimate destination.
1 10
4/6. I know my purpose and how to achieve it through the unique contribution I want to make with my venture.
1 10
5/6. I am clear about my ambition – what I want to become and achieve in the next two years.
1 10
6/6. I am clear about my role – the position I have with respect to others in my market/environment.
1 10