Role is defined as "the function assumed or part played by a person in a particular situation." Thus, roles are related to both "function"—which is based upon competency—and "the part played"—which is determined by one’s position or status. So, on one hand, a role reflects personal skills, abilities, and effort. It is related to what a person does (or is expected to do). In fact, people are most successful in roles that are “compatible with their personal characteristics and skills.” On the other hand, role reflects “status”; i.e., who we are in relation to others. In other words, role is an intersection of both the position a person occupies with respect to others, and the expected capabilities and behaviors attached to that position. We have selected a flag as the symbol for role as flags themselves are most often used as potent symbols representing role, status or identification with a particular function or identity. Helping questions: Do you know: - what type of person do you need to be in order to create the life you want as well as make your unique contribution to your vision? - what type of position and status would support you to succeed in your ambition? Mission? Vision? - what are the core competences necessary to be the type of person you need to or to achieve and remain in the necessary position or status?