Meta Mindset


Please read the following statements and evaluate yourself on a subjective scale of 1–10 (where 10 is the highest level and 1 is the lowest).

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Mindset Map Introduction

Do you want to be a Next Generation Entrepreneur and practice Conscious Leadership? Think of this like a Journey. The Captain needs to have certain Mindset and Tools in order to arrive at the desired state of his or her dreams. Stay tuned and fill out our Success Mindset Map! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover yourself and to work with us on how YOU will live your passion, contribute to a better world and create the successful project or venture you are dreaming about.


1 10
Richard Branson Spark Ulysses

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1/6. I know what I really love to do (I know what I am passionate about).
1 10
2/6. I know what I want to help create in the longer term future (I am clear about my destination; and my longer term vision).
1 10
3/6. I am clear about my direction, regardless of whether or not I know the ultimate destination.
1 10
4/6. I know my purpose and how to achieve it through the unique contribution I want to make with my venture.
1 10
5/6. I am clear about my ambition – what I want to become and achieve in the next two years.
1 10
6/6. I am clear about my role – the position I have with respect to others in my market/environment.
1 10
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