Howard Schultz


“Starbucks has a role and a meaningful relationship with people that is not only about the coffee.” – Howard Schultz Starbucks has become ubiquitous around the world as brand that represents a particular role known as “coffeehouse culture.” Dating back to the 14th century, coffeehouses in Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean were traditionally social hubs, as well as artistic and intellectual centers. Howard Schultz had a vision to bring the role and tradition of the Italian coffeehouse to the United States, making it “a place for conversation and a sense of community; a third place between work and home.” Embracing this role, Schultz set out to make Starbucks a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated coffee and the rich tradition, but that also brought a feeling of connection. Today Starbucks is considered the main representative of “second wave coffee” and operates 23,768 locations worldwide in more than 70 different countries.