Mindset Map Introduction

Hello and welcome to Success Mindset Community, a place with the brainpower of some of the finest coaches, entrepreneurs and business people in the world. We are Mindset International. Our effort is spearheaded by Robert B. Dilts entrepreneur and coach – author of 26 books on innovation, leadership and success – and Mickey A. Feher a global entrepreneur and coach. We researched and modeled hundreds of successful next generation entrepreneurs and leaders to learn how they succeeded.

Through this app, you will explore the distinguishing factors of some of the finest entrepreneurs in the world like Steve Jobs of Apple, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, Jeff Bezos of and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. We will help you to discover how you can bring some of the same success into your life. We want to offer you access to our findings and help you to connect to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches. To facilitate this process we have established the International Association for Generative Change. You will find more information on how to join IAGC in the app.

Do you want to be a Next Generation Entrepreneur and practice Conscious Leadership? Think of this like a Journey. The Captain needs to have certain Mindset and Tools in order to arrive at the desired state of his or her dreams. Stay tuned and fill out our Success Mindset Map! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover yourself and to work with us on how YOU will live your passion, contribute to a better world and create the successful project or venture you are dreaming about.

Mindset Map Overview

The Success Mindset Map will help you discover and clarify three main areas of your success mindset:

There are 21 different questions in 4 subcategory:

By prioritizing 5 to 9 statements about each mindset area, you will learn about your strengths and preferences and build up what we call your “MindsetMap™”
Will then ask you about your Meta Goal or current focus for your project or venture and show you the “Ideal Compass” for achieving that goal. We will then be able to define which aspects of your mindset you will need to strengthen, adjust or improve in order to succeed in order to effectively achieve your entrepreneurial goal for your project or venture.